Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whatever works

Now that I've finished up the first set of edits for Under the Mistletoe, which were pretty good except for one OH NO! moment that I have now dealt with...

Um, now that I've emailed that document to my wonderful editor who deserves sainthood for dealing with me, I'm back to my newly begun project. Yes, all other wips are shelved for the time being.

For some reason, this new project wants to be written in longhand! I made huge progress on it that first day on the porch swing with the steno pad, but when I sit down to type, it's just not moving along very quickly. Longhand is fine except my handwriting is very poor. Used to be better, back before I spent every waking moment at a keyboard.

I'm determined to look at this in a glass-half-full kind of way.

1. I will re-learn the skill of writing by hand, on paper;

2. It's probably a workout for part of my brain that has atrophied;

3. I'll be using up some of those blank books accumulated since The Year One; and

4. After keying the story into the computer, the paper will be great to start fires with next winter. Spot will be so pleased.

And, hey, if I can keep Spot happy, it's all good, right?



  1. Ha Ha. You know, I used to write everything longhand. I've only had the computer about three years. Went on a camping trip couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to write in the pad I brought. I got a page done, and my hand was TIRED! 1 page. I used to write longhand for hours. Now I can't, and it sucks. I hate to think I'm that dependent on this darn thing.
    As for burning when you're done, yeah, well, I haven't done that yet. Even the pieces I've put in the computer, I still have the paper version of.
    What can I say? I'm a packrat with weak hands...

  2. I hear ya. My handwriting has gotten so bad, I can barely write a legible check. And when it comes to writing letters, if you object to something composed and printed from the computer, don't expect to get one from me. I've often thought about getting away from this keyboard, taking a notebook and going outdoors or something. Shoot. I might as well pick up a stone tablet and chisel and try to write with them. I'm afraid we're all spoiled rotten and there's no going back. Like Jennifer, before being computerized, I used to write for hours in notebooks. I wish I still could, just so I could have a change of scenery sometimes.

  3. Jennifer and Devon--

    Golly, I thought it was just me! Somehow it helps to know I'm not the only one who finds it difficult to write in longhand. (Of course I used to be able to write in shorthand too, but I'd hate to take a chance on not being able to read it later when ready to key into the laptop.)

    It did hurt a bit the other day when I wrote all those pages, but not to the point of debilitating me. Too bad, cuz it might be an excuse not to cook supper...

    It's me and the steno book today, and I'm excited because of the portability this affords.