Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You just never know

Bear with me on the clip art. I wanted an air conditioner, but decided to settle for this since there was no air conditioner in my collection.

So, one of the window air conditioners was out of coolant. I know, I know--air conditioners always have problems when it's hot outside. Gotcha. So we were very happy when the repairman came to the house yesterday.

And everyone concerned was happy when he left--he was finished working in that miserably hot room, and getting into an air conditioned truck to go to the next job. My son had a room that would soon be below 85 degrees, and I had just signed a copy of The Blank Book to the air conditioner guy's wife!

I have a few books left over from the Kingfish events. Just that morning I had been wondering how to best deal with those. I guess I'll keep the remaining books in the big booksigning on wheels, because you just never know when someone will ask.

Hey--maybe he and his wife will become fans, thereby justifying today's clip art!



  1. LOL! Fans. Good one, Mags! Now I'm in the same boat, air-wise. My office has turned into an oven since it's gotten hot. I have a tiny little window unit for in here, but hubby takes it out every year during winter. Now, since we've cut down the big bushes at the front of the house, he doesn't want to put it back in the winodw because it will be visible from the outside. Ack! I'm burning up in here and he's worried about appearances.

  2. Devon, It sounds like this is a terrific time to mention you're interested in buying a laptop--to save appearances, of course. Should only cost [fill in amount of your favorite laptop]. This will either get you a laptop so you can work where it's comfortable, get the window unit re-installed, or get me in trouble with your husband.


  3. Now, how did the AC guy's wife get an autographed copy? Did you sell it, or give it in gratitude? How did that conversation go?

    "Ooooohh! The air is so COOOOL. Thank you! Because you are so wonderful, I will give you, yes, you, the honor of buying my book in which I will sign."
    "What took you so long? We were dying here! Here. Take this personally autographed copy of the book I wrote. You may ONLY have it if you keep us in cool comfort."

  4. Ya know what, Jennifer? I'm just going to let you make up conversations, because they're so much more entertaining than the ones I really have.

  5. Glad you got your air fixed. So far the heat's not bothering me too bad. I still have windows open. That's funny about the book though. Did you charge him, or her? If I had books available, my car would be a rolling library too. You never know when you might make a few extra bucks, you know?
    Stay cool and productive.

  6. I look forward to your rolling library, Jennifer!

  7. ohhh, Fans? sheesh.

    You're one smart cookie, Magdalena. When there isn't a market at hand use whatever is at hand to make one. :-)

    My AC guy left today. Ah, blessed coolness.

    How did our grandparents stand it?

  8. How indeed did our grandparents stand the heat? Maybe they had big trees shading their houses. Definitely they had less asphalt heating the place. From where I live in town, to a friend's house maybe five miles away, I notice several degrees' difference. They're in the country, I'm on a corner surrounded by asphalt--streets, an alley, and big black asphalt parking lots. But that's a different topic, isn't it?