Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to school...again!

I think I'm a lesson behind in my online cozy mystery class. Yikes!

And yesterday I went "back to school" in a different way. At my temp job, I needed to be trained on a new software. A very new software. The lady who came to town and trained me was so encouraging, so patient, so incredibly knowledgeable. And everyone knows how knowledgeable she is, because her Blackberry buzzed constantly with questions from people all over the state.

Anyway, it was a long day in a way, but very interesting. It's exciting to be working with this system that's so new. Fortunately everyone else at the office has been trained and has been working with it for a while, so I can ask them questions. And I have the email address to reach my new friend via Blackberry. Bless her heart.


Just in case you're wondering, I did make an attempt to proselytize
her to e-reading on her Blackerry. Wrote down some websites, etc. You know how I am.


  1. Bless your heart for always trying to convert the ignorant. How could she NOT use her blackberry to read books?!

  2. I think she loved the idea! Probably those of us who write books available in electronic format are a million times more conscious of stuff like that.

    A million, you know, more or less...

  3. I think it really helps people to understand what e-reading is when they can see it first hand. I had my iPAQ with me, and showed her a page or two of a Mobipocket format book. (Mobi has a Blackberry version.)

    Most times when I show people that, they are surprised at how legible it is. (I have my font at a very comfortable size for my eyes.)

    I just have to try not to come on too strong with my e-reading "lectures." I think sometimes I get carried away.