Monday, July 20, 2009

The big hit

The big hit of our family reunion? The diaries. They were written by my grandmother, one in 1967 and one in 1969. My cousin who was in charge of this year's soiree, found the diaries recently, and after dinner yesterday she read selected snippets.

To be honest, the little kids didn't pay attention. They were happy pushing strollers around the room and talking to themselves and each other. But the adults were captivated. No one knew Grandma kept a diary.

The entries were very down to earth--her surprise when her son from Oregon arrived at the front door for an unannounced visit, her concern when someone in the family was ill, her enjoyment of family get togethers of any sort. Every page is full of her love for her family.

Afterward, most of us spent some time looking through the diaries, reading portions, seeing our names. (I had stomach flu in 1969.)

Grandma died in 1980, so it was a lovely treat to hear her words, see her handwriting in those diaries, and remember how very much she loved all of us.



  1. That's really cool. I'll bet there's a plethora of stories in that diary just waiting for your talent and your publisher's press! Tell us more!

  2. Hmmm... Are you THE Bud? Jennifer Johnson's Bud?

    My grandmother always saw the good in people, so as far as I know, everything in the diary is very positive. Of course I haven't read through them, just glanced.

    Sorry--no juicy gossip here, but thanks for stopping in, Bud!

  3. THE Bud? As scary as that sounds, yes, I suppose I am. Nice to meet you!

  4. Hey Mags,
    What a wonderful gift your grandmother left all of you. "Bud" told me he found a handwritten Christmas list that I had made as a child. Neat!