Monday, July 13, 2009

Crayons - check!

You may recall that I'm taking an online class in writing cozy mysteries. Well, class begins today!

One of my friends suggested on Facebook that, besides the possibility of new clothes and a pencil box for my back-to-school experience, I'd also want crayons.

So here they are, a bunch of them, shiny and new. No doubt my characters and setting will be all the more colorful with the myriad shades now available to me.




  1. I love learning new things with writing. The good thing is, regardless of the workshop, there are always good applications of theory that can be applied to any genre.

    Here's a nice shiny red apple. They're sweet and crisp. Help you chew over the bright colorful ideas. :-)

  2. Thanks for the apple, Sia! You're a doll!

  3. Good luck with the class! I hope you get a lot of useful information from it. :o)

  4. Thanks, Devon. Today we are introducing ourselves to the rest of the class and to the teacher.