Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do you have a piano in your kitchen?

Just guessing I'm the only one here who has a piano in her kitchen. A whole buncha furniture is where it shouldn't be, since today is the day for the guys to rip out our sagging living room ceiling.

Worked about ten hours on my two houses yesterday, and I'm beat.

Let's look for a silver lining here. Maybe there's a better chance of dinner music if the piano is wedged between the refrigerator and the table, instead of sitting so far away in the living room?

Hmmm... I wonder where the bench landed. Haven't seen it lately.



  1. Was it Jerry Lee Lewis that would get so excited and kick the bench away then play while standing up? The school where my kids go had a piano in the bathroom for a while!!!! I ruminated on the title "Piano in the Bathroom" one night when I couldn't sleep. Wonder what that story would be about? (other than it's time for the principal to get a new job - which he did).

  2. No, my piano is in my entry way. And for the longest time, I used my piano bench as a side table. I've considered turning my piano, which sadly I never play anymore, into a piano bar. I think wine glasses and bottles of wine would fit nicely in the upper console once the guts were out. But that means I'd have to dismantle and well... MOre work than I want to do right now.

    Sounds like you have a ton of work going on there, yourself, Magdalena. I hope it's all over soon!

  3. Jennifer, thanks for the Piano in the Bathroom visualization. Lovely!

    Maddie, the piano bar sounds interesting...

    Five hours at one house today. I may not do much at the one I live in. Can't do a whole lot, since there are only walkways in most of the room.

    Life is an adventure!

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