Friday, July 17, 2009

Going through books

One of the projects at my dad's house is going through his books. A few I'll definitely want to keep, and pass on to my son, but many will find new homes.

One of my cousins is entering seminary this fall, and I've offered the Biblical reference tomes to him. The rest I'll decide on individually. Some will go to family members, and many will be donated to the local Friends of the Library. This volunteer organization runs a used bookstore a few hours each week, and one big annual book sale. All profit is spent on equipment and programs at our library.

If you've read The Blank Book, you know about the mysterious book Alice Williams ended up with after a trip to her annual Friends of the Library book sale.

I don't think my dad had any like that, but I'll be on the lookout just in case.



In case you're following the roofing job, today should mark its finish (weather permitting), and Monday is the destruction of the living room. Yee haw!


  1. Magdalena, sorting through books? I know that this is one of those jobs you can get lost along the way. Some you can quickly sort through but many you will just open up and before you know it, you're reading bits and pieces and the afternoon is gone, lol!

    Hey, I already looked through our Friends of the library and didn't find a Blank Book, but I'll keep looking. :-D

  2. Sia,

    So far I've just sorta shuffled the books back and forth. Not very productive, I know.

    Good luck finding a Blank Book like Alice's. That would be terrific...or scary...or both!