Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great things about living in a construction zone

Our little construction project doesn't look anything like this, but I like the picture.

Ever since the living room destruction/construction began, in order to avoid tracking dust everywhere, we're walking around it instead of through it. This has loads of unexpected benefits for me:

1. Approximately one-third more exercise to get from the sitting room to the kitchen, via the alternate route.

2. Much less snacking--who wants to walk that far to get a handful of mixed nuts or a cup of tea? Not me. At least, not frequently.

3. My son has been playing the piano more often since its temporary relocation into the kitchen. I don't get why, but this is a great perk.

4. Had dinner out the first night due to the kitchen being a

5. While fixing dinner last night, I got more writing done on the WIP because I took Dana with me into yon kitchen. While the food cooked, I supervised--and typed. (I don't have the option of taking the laptop, because its battery is also under construction. So no internet distraction. Yay.)

I could go on and on about how great this is, but I don't want you to think I'm enjoying it too much.



  1. Way to put a positive spin on it. I really like the piano in the kitchen. Can it stay?

  2. I'd be fine with keeping the piano in the kitchen, but it's kind of a snug fit. Maybe the stove needs to go...

  3. Definitely. Throw the stove out. Where is everyone today?

  4. Jennifer, I think it's one of those gorgeous days when people either are outside having lives, or else their internet is down.

    Mine has been a bit of both.

    Will look into a stove removal team...


  5. I really do like the idea of a piano instead of a stove! However, I don't have a son who plays piano. Mine does cook, though, so at least while he is here, I guess I will keep the stove. I am becoming spoiled with Christopher and Kat doing most of the cooking.

  6. Hey there, Anonymous! Maybe you could give a gift certificate for piano lessons to your son. Is his birthday coming up? Christmas isn't *that* far away...