Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Spot. Just thought you'd like my opinion.

People. What can you do with them?

This house is in chaos. I'm camping out in the kitchen, with the piano. Most of the other living room furniture is either in the downstairs bedroom or sitting room. In fact, the kitchen is roomy compared to those.

The living room is completely empty. The new ceiling is up, taped, and the first coat of "mud" has been applied. The people I live with are talking about ripping off the wallpaper, painting, re-doing the floor, and perhaps not putting all the furniture back. In fact, this piano I'm getting so cozy with may be on its way out the door, both literally and figuratively.

Humans and their redecorating--sheesh! It was fine the way it was. I didn't even mind the duct tape on the ceiling. I really miss my window seat. I suppose the squirrels are completely taking over the world since I can't scare them off from my current location!



  1. LOlLOLOL! Lord, sounds like my house. Well mine is mostly outside presently. The four legged parts of my family are going nuts with all the trucks coming and going people in the yard. Jax is going to go nuts when they start on the roof--she'll be convinced aliens are landing.

    We need the carpets steamed, livingroom walls washed, ceiling repainted. My poor babies.

  2. Spot,
    You know I always like reading your blog. What have they done to your peaceful place?? The good news it will be over soon and you will be back in your window seat again. You are my favorite dog-- but you already knew that. Jonell

  3. Sia, I hope you will let your dogs have their say on the home renovations. After all, it's their home, too.

    I sure don't understand why you'd want to steam the carpets. Won't that ruin the aroma? My people have hardwood floors, not carpet--so I don't know much about it.

    Thank you for stopping by today's Dog Blog.


  4. Jonell,

    It's so good to hear from you! I always like to watch you drive up the street...looking forward to that and many other high points once I'm finally back where I belong. In. My. Window. Seat.

    (Did you hear they're talking about painting it? When will the punishment end?)

    Maybe you could talk to these people for me. They listen to you...


  5. Hey Spot! Our dog Shirley just took a lOOOONG trip with us to AL. She is glad to be back in her quiet home.

  6. Jennifer,

    Thank you for visiting the Dog Blog. Maybe Shirley will write a blog about her trip?