Saturday, July 25, 2009


Even this stack of blocks spelling out the word "PERFECT" isn't quite perfect. The "P" is off a little, isn't it?

Oh well, I'm going for it anyway. Today is Saturday. In a perfect world, I would accomplish these things by midnight:

1. Finish cleaning out my dad's house, throw an impromptu yard sale to dispose of various non-essentials, and sign the deed to a purchaser or purchasers as yet unknown.

2. Create, serve, and clean up after three delicious, nutritious meals.

3. Remove all the living room wallpaper, smooth the walls, and paint. (And oh yeah, decide for sure on the paint color. Maybe light sage...)

4. Complete the WIP, check it thoroughly and find nothing that needs to be changed, craft an excellent, incredibly captivating synopsis and send it off. Five minutes later, receive a contract by email and $1,000,000 advance via Paypal.

It's good to have goals each morning, right?




  1. Ruby Dell's advice is: Break those goals down into manageable steps.

    Did I misspell that?

    She is a very successful business woman. And I think she has a cool name.

    My goal for the next hour: finish my sermon. The feeding of the five thousand awaits....

  2. I trust you met your goal, Jennifer. You and Ruby Dell give good counsel.

    I did accomplish something on each goal.