Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just a bit obsessed

This weekend a friend announced he had finally broken down and gotten his first cell phone...a Blackberry. It's mostly for business purposes, I guess. He'll get email anywhere he goes, that kind of stuff that would be important for his work.

But my immediate outcry was, "You can read books on that!" He sort of nodded, and kept talking to the other people in the group.

Unless I can continue to restrain myself, I'll send him some links to Fictionwise, etc. I came so close to whipping out the IPAQ and showing him my newest downloaded title from Project Gutenberg.

Sometimes even I realize I'm a bit obsessed with e-reading. My current read is a paperback, and it is about to drive me crazy. (Turning paper pages, worrying about breaking its little spine, messing with a physical bookmark, having to wear reading glasses, not having it with me in my itty bitty purse all the time because it won't fit.)

I won't go back to getting the paper version of The Courier-Journal unless they discontinue my beloved e-edition. I'm so glad to have most of my reading material on a screen where it's incredibly handy, and creates no clutter. For me, this works.

And yes, I'm also a diligent recycler of paper, cardboard, steel, aluminum, glass, and plastic. But you had already guessed that, hadn't you?



  1. And just to prove my obsession AGAIN, I'll admit that last night I signed up for the RSS feed letting me know *daily* what new books are available at the Project Gutenberg site. Oh, my...

  2. Mags, I dub thee the E-gadget queen. ;o) Hmm, on second thought that makes no sense. A knight is dubbed, a queen is crowned. Oh, well. Enjoy your gadgets!

  3. Devon, I'm all about the crown...and the gadgets.


  4. Magdalena, thank you for saving trees!