Friday, July 24, 2009

Locked up

I'm having laptop issues. Also having problems with my yahoo mail.

The easy way to circumvent some of this would be to use the nice big desktop computer. You know, the one that is currently in pieces, stored in a corner, due to the living room re-do. Yeah, that one.

My son, who is currently away on a camping trip, gave me permission to use his ASUS netbook. I tried it, but my patience didn't last long. Either I have fat fingers or bad aim, because I can't type worth anything on that itty bitty keyboard. What a shame, because it is the cutest little thing!

One frustration is that I'm a smidge behind with my online class.

The bright side? I goof less on the internet, and write more. Dana loves that our time together has increased. No worries--the other stuff will get fixed eventually.



  1. Hey Mags, I have an ASUS - love it for its petite size, but, you're right, the keyboard is too small to type like you learned in school.

    You know the keyboard well enough to type it even with different fingers! And then you could just pick up pen and paper. Don't use any blank notebooks though. I've read that can get messy...

  2. I love the cuteness and portability of the ASUS, and my son can type very quickly on it. When I was trying last night, I could barely manage my email password. Yahoo kept not letting me in. *sigh*

    Dana is doing a fine job. Full size keyboard, long battery life, no internet.

    You advise against the writing of stories in blank notebooks? Sheesh! Where's your sense of adventure? Alice and Robert finally got that thing taken care of, after all... and lived happily ever after.