Friday, July 3, 2009

Looky what I found!

Because of one of my Twitter friends, I recently looked at the Harlequin audiobooks. Did you know they offer a free title each month? Pretty cool, I thought, but what would be the best method to hear the free one, and decide if I want to get into listening to audiobooks?

My good buddy IPAQ, of course! It supports audiobooks. And I even managed to get the software and current free "listen" downloaded. I had plenty of time Sunday when I was flat on my back with my knee elevated and ice pack... Well anyway, my knee is fine now, though black and blue, and I'm trying audiobooks.

Yes, I realize I could have already known about the audiobook capability if I had read the IPAQ manual. But where's the fun in that?



  1. Hi Magdalena! I'm an audiobook addict. I cannot live without one at my ear, be it with earpods or in the car. I do many mostly mindless things while I listen to a book; drive, do housework, exercise, do routine paperwork, work out in the yard. I love audiobooks, and hope you enjoy them nearly as much.

  2. Hi there, Joysann!

    I'll eventually talk my son out of a pair of his extra ear buds. Right now I have big funky headphones. :( ya think...maybe audiobooks are a way for me to actually *enjoy* housework?!?

  3. I must have missed the post about your hurt knee. Has Spot been a bad dog again?

  4. The hurt knee was pure awkwardness on my part, Jennifer. I walked into the corner of an oak chair in Sunday School. Had a big ol' lump on it, and during church I sat with a bag of frozen popcorn kernels on my knee. Thank goodness for a well stocked church kitchen. :)

    So I had plenty of quiet time Sunday afternoon with my knee and an ice bag...and dabbling in audiobooks, a new-to-me technology.