Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Personalizing your ebook

I accidentally began a conversation yesterday, and I for one am interested in taking it further. I guess we'll find out if I'm the only one.

So. Let's say you're ready to take the ebook plunge. But you really love to have the author's autograph on the books you purchase. Makes it more special, right? With an ebook purchase you get a download to your computer. No paper to write on.

What would make that purchase special for you? I often make bookmarks for each title that I give out to purchasers at booksignings. I've thought I could make them and sign the back for ebook purchasers. The method of delivery would be that the person sends me a self-addressed stamped envelope, I print and sign the bookmark and mail back to her.

Okay. That's how far I've gotten in my thought process. Yesterday Jennifer Johnson suggested an autographed CD sleeve. I'm looking for input. What would sufficiently personalize an ebook? Maybe other authors are doing cool things with this and I'm clueless...definitely a possibility.




  1. I love your idea, Magdalena. What a nice way to personalize the purchase. You know what else could be cool? Getting the publisher to let you scan your signature and put it on the title page when the ebook is created! Hmmm...I may have to investigate that!

  2. Scanning the signature and incorporating it into the ebook is a neat idea. Let us know what you find out on that, Maddie!

  3. Neat idea, Mags! Not long ago, a reader emailed me and asked for an autographed bookplate. Since I don't have bookplates, I offered an autographed bookmark instead. It's surprising what lengths some readers will go to to get an autograph. And bless their hearts for showing so much love. I've had two people mail me their books for autographing and include postage for return mailing. So essentially, they ended up spending 2X the money for an autographed book.

  4. Those are some very dedicated readers, Devon. How wonderful!

    I do love my autographed paperbacks, but would enjoy having some bit of memorabilia from fave authors whose books I buy in electronic format. So I guess this topic is for me as much as for anyone else.