Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reinvention status report

Hey, I'm topic-less this morning (except for the list of five or six things I'll eventually get to), so why not do a status report on the reinvention project? The subject of said reinvention being, of course, yours truly.

Last fall when even I realized the financial crisis had become a disaster, and problems on Wall Street were suddenly problems in my little world of Small Town Indiana, like a crazy person, I quit my nice, secure legal secretary job to write romance full-time. Here is where the blog began.

I didn't set out any bullet points for the reinvention, but I've kept them in my head where they rattle around quite a bit. So maybe we can do a reasonably thorough review.

Books: Doing okay on this, at least quality-wise.
Since my official reinvention began, three new books have been published, and three more projects contracted. I have some other things in the works I'm excited about, but they're not ready for the big Mention here on the blog.

My books are available in print from Resplendence Publishing and Amazon, and in ebook format from Resplendence Publishing and Fictionwise (Where Her Heart is will be available at FW in the next couple of weeks). On a shelf at your local bookstore? Nope. We've talked about possibilities here and there, but no earthshaking changes on this front. I'm open to suggestions.

Online stuff: I still get distracted by it.
Don't get me started on this--oh, wait! I am started on this. First thing when I get out of bed, I start on this...stagger across the room and turn on the laptop so it can boot up while I make coffee. (My son has rightly accused me of being addicted to email.) All authors today must have a strong online presence, or, from what I read, they'd just as well give up. So I do this blog, keep my website up to date, learn from industry and author blogs. I also do a little bit with Facebook and Twitter. Not so long ago, I would have severely rolled my eyes at the mention of either of those social networking tools, but now I can appreciate, at least in part, how important and just plain cool they are. I enjoy all my Online Stuff, and have made some wonderful new friends because of it. Oh--I updated the MySpace page a while ago, too. Due to the wonders of the Online Stuff, I'm writing first drafts on my Dana which has absolutely no online capabilities.

Health stuff: Definitely better.

Walking for exercise much more frequently than when I had a day job. I cook more instead of being too tired and relying on take-out food to provide the family's evening meal. I feel better, and maybe look a little better because I've taken the time to actually read (not just look at the pictures) More Magazine about taking care of my over-40 self.

Money: Ouch.
If I learned to write erotica, I'd do much better in the ebook market. That's a fact anyone in ebook publishing would tell you. I knew it way back in the day, and blogged about it here. And my online presence (see above) isn't effectively getting the word out to enough people who enjoy reading sweet or sweetish romance. So royalties are really, really not good. This is a major area for further consideration and action. Fortunately I'm somewhat talented at saving money, so we can get along with less income for now.

Recreation: Depends on what you mean.
Quit my job, so you'd think I have more time for fun stuff, right? Other self-employed people out there are shaking their heads with a knowing grin (hey! stop that!). I knew I'd be working harder than I ever had in my life in order to make a career out of writing. I have worked harder, but haven't worked as smart as I should. If you want a more educated outlook on the topic, read Anna DeStefano's blog. Fortunately, when I do actually work smart and hard, I love doing it, and certainly don't feel sorry for myself. How could I?

I do read for pleasure a little more than before, because it's all research. Which of course tends to take a little pleasure out of it...

Synopsis (not really; I hate those things)
Interesting to note that I began the reinvention blog on October 21, 2008. It's been nearly nine months! Omigosh, I could have almost produced a baby by now if that had been my project. Which, lemme tell ya, as a 49-year old mom of a wonderful college student who can drive me nuts more effectively than anyone in the world... I am so glad I'm writing novels instead!



  1. Well, Magdalena, it sounds like you're on a good track. Keep up the good work!
    As for writing erotica, well, uh, ok. You seem too sweet for it. But try it, and see what happens. You may be surprised what you can do.

  2. Jennifer,thanks for reading my progress report. You said it very well:

    >As for writing erotica, well, uh...

    It just isn't me, is it?


  3. Mags, I didn't know all this about you. There were several items where I thought you were writing about me, the difference being that you've made much more progress toward your goals. Just so you know, I've thought the same thing about erotica, but it ain't happenin' here either. ;o)

  4. Devon, I take it as a compliment if anything I wrote about *me* sounded like *you*!

  5. Interesting post today, Magdalena. I hadn't realized you were a professional writer-wow!

    Me? Not ready to quit the day job yet.