Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reunion time!

This is a clip art family, but they're standing in for my real family--my dad's side, anyway. We're having our annual reunion tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it.

The cousin who is in charge will read to us from a family journal she recently located. That's going to be cool, I think. I hope the uncles will sing a few songs, too.

One of my cousins has driven all the way to southern Indiana from the middle of Texas for the reunion. He hasn't been here in seven years!

I've put a lot of stresses on myself this week in anticipation of The Big Day. But one funny stressor is the Swedish Nut Cake. I've had a special request for it, and a few weeks ago I dreamed I arrived at the reunion and had forgotten The Cake. Yikes!



  1. The cake recipe looks easy and a good treat, mmm.

    We're all in the same state now, that is all my sibs and their kids. We get together several times a year. Not many left of my parents generation. Both Mama and Dad were only children. Mama's uncles will come down ocassionally. Just having my sibs and their kids and grandkids puts our gathering way over 50.

    Reunions are fun and I hope yours is tomorrow and you have good weather for it. From your dream, I'd say you were a bit nervous, :-)

    Have lots of fun and take lots of pictures.

  2. I didn't mean to stress you with the Cake! However, it has been 12 weeks since I have tasted anything close to that good, so PLEASSEEEEE don't forget it.
    See tomorrow

  3. Sia, meet my Cake Stressor--Garden Girl.

    Your family is way bigger than mine! I doubt we'll have 50 at tomorrow's event. But we'll have fun, and the weather looks amazingly pleasant.

  4. Garden Girl--The Cake is in the oven!

  5. I bet that'd want you there even without the cake.


  6. Hm. Maybe, Jennifer, but I'm not willing to test it.

    Came home with a little cake left. The chocolate cookies made by Garden Girl were amazing! I came home with some of those, too.