Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Under Construction

The contractor and his helper arrived yesterday morning. He had called the previous afternoon, so I already had the extension cord snaked out the kitchen door. I'd been up for an hour or so by the time they arrived, but really, I'm pretty sure I wasn't competent to hold a conversation. Fortunately he wasn't interested in conversation. They got right to work tearing off the old metal roof.

Not pretty under there. Some serious sagging going on. Reconstructive surgery required. Then the plywood, then the shingles. It's heck to get old, whether you're a person or a house.

I took these pictures while the guys were gone on their lunch break. Above, after the old metal was ripped off. It's ready for felt, and then shingles. (Window air conditioner in foreground, only flat surface available, stores equipment).

Coincidentally, a project next door began the same morning. That house is being wrapped in insulation, then vinyl siding. It's a cute little old house, and will look sharp when the job is done. They've taken off the window trim to do the wrapping, and I hope they'll put nice trim back. It has some Victorian detail, and it would be a shame to lose that. Facelifts are tricky, aren't they?

So yesterday was Day One of what I'll call "Dueling Contractors." Ours is winning by a wide margin thus far. The guys have put down the first one-third of the shingles, but I forgot to take a picture after they left yesterday evening. Now they're working. Don't want to bother them, or make them think they need to pose. They're on the roof, and I really prefer not to watch people who are up high like that anyway.

Look what the other side of our roof still looks like. Rain is moving in today, so this portion (the non-leaking side) may have to wait.



  1. Oh, the list is so long on what needs doing on our old house. However, this morning I fixed the upstairs toilet which was spraying water out of the tank from that little tube thingy. Now, I'm singing Helen Reddy's "I am woman!"

    Hope it goes well, Mags.

  2. Toilet repair--I'm impressed, Jennifer!

    Who knew I'd enjoy the sound of hammering on the roof? It doesn't even distract me. So...there's *one* thing that doesn't distract me.

  3. Good luck with the home repairs! Question: how long was the tin on your roof before it needed replacing? Just wondering because we need a new roof and hubby wants to go with tin this time.

  4. My roof is slated to be done soon and the siding. I'm not looking forward to all the hoopla but I'll be glad when it's done.

    My "still has ten years" on it roof wasn't put on properly to begin with and we've had trouble here and there. They're going to to tear down to the roof deck and I'm betting there will be sagging.

    Now if I could find reconstruction for me, lololol!

  5. Devon, the metal was on that portion of the house for an unknown length of time. More than 50 years for sure. We're going with with really good shingles instead. There was quite a price difference.

    Good luck with your projects, Sia. It's so frustrating to have contractors who do a shoddy job. We've got some terrific guys working here.