Monday, August 24, 2009

And now to switch wigs and sunglasses...

The saying is that we put on one or the other "hat" when we change personas, right? Since I look lousy in hats, I'd prefer to change wigs and sunglasses.

The Me known as "Mom" is no longer in daily face-to-face contact with the single person in the world who calls her that. The Progeny is back on campus for the year, and bless his heart, I can only make his life miserable by phone or email.

Does this mean the "extra" time will be used efficiently by the other versions of Me? I really hope so. Loads of projects are scattered about in varying stages of incompletion.

Well. At least there's no sleeping late on the first weekday, thanks to someone nearby cutting a tree down before 7:00 A.M. Nothing like waking up to the sound of a chain saw to signal it's going to be one of those days. Please pass the dark glasses. The really dark glasses.



  1. Got another pair of sunglasses, Mags? I'm wondering if the dark circles will ever go away, lol!

  2. Shoot the chainsaw guy. HOW DARE HE!!??

  3. Sia, I DO have an extra pair of shades you may borrow.

    Jennifer! Gasp! I guess I could have punished him by walking down there without the dark glasses and letting him see my scary face...

  4. If you lived in a castle, you could just pour boiling oil on him. That would teach him.

  5. Really?!? It's okay to do that to somebody if you live in a castle? Somehow it seems wrong to me.

  6. Or you could throw dead disgusting animals at them. I thought that was just a Monty Python gag, but I read somewhere (not Monty Python) that they did throw dead horses and such at would-be invaders of the castle. Magdalena, I'm sorry but your castle is going to get taken over unless you start being a little meaner. You cannot invite the enemy in for tea (unless the tea is poisoned). You must plan your revenge on the Chainsaw Guy. Then call me. It'll help with the empty nest. Believe me. (Yes, I do see the irony in this post considering my profession, but Monday is my day off, so...)

  7. So, like, on Monday you're wearing the wig and sunglasses, and pouring boiling oil on top of unsuspecting castle stormers?

    Do all pastors do this on their days off?

    Chainsaw Guy did his work this morning, and left. I've seen the sawdust-strewn stump a couple of blocks from here. Sad. But surely, SURELY he won't do that ever again, because he will have learned his lesson from today's posts and comments.

    'Cuz like everybody reads our blogs, right?

  8. To answer your questions:
    *(part a)I usually don't get around to getting the wig on. I've found I feel better when I get a shower though that doesn't always happen. Make up is optional, though I think I feel better when I have it on. (part b) And there's a lot of serious honesty in this answer. I think pouring oil on castle stormers is actually a pretty good metaphor though earlier I was having some fun with it. Pouring oil can mean finding the owner of the yard where the tree was cut down and asking them for some consideration in not beginning any such work before 8 am. And calling the Chain saw guy, too. Or, considering that this is a providential opportunity to begin one's day earlier than expected. So, you get up and pray for the Progeny, for the world, for the Chain Saw guy. Or, you go out and weed the flower bed because it is early morning and it isn't hot yet (which is why CSG is doing what he's doing at this Godly hour - as opposed to unGodly hour a term I hear from time to time, but have yet to encounter one of those hours, thankfully).

    Whew! I'm awfully verbose today, aren't I?

    *When I don't take my day off, I very quickly WANT to pour boiling oil on people, which is why I try very hard to get my day of rest from my labor.

    And lastly,

    *If people aren't reading our blogs, they sure are missing out on a lot of fun, aren't they?

    I enjoy you and our blogs very much!

  9. Did I mention the stump is in front of a parsonage?