Monday, August 3, 2009

A big conversation

Had a big conversation this weekend. It was long overdue.

We talked about the writing, and what it will take to reach my goals. And oh yeah, the goals were re-examined, too. Some days they seem beyond my reach. Some mornings I wake up and wonder why I even try. But after the conversation I feel better.

Generally speaking, the plan is to get organized in all facets of my life. I used to be an extremely organized person--had quite a reputation for it. In the last several years though, I've been anything but. I think lack of organization affects me the way visual clutter does.

Extraneous stuff messes up my focus.

Now I have my goals and steps, story and promotion ideas all neatly compiled in one lovely Word document. It even has bullet points! I'll refer to it often, update, and check off items that have been accomplished.'re wondering who I had this big conversation with? Well, myself, of course! Just me and my Evil Twin.



  1. I am getting ready to have the same conversation with myself. I need to get my plan laid out, however, I need it on my board above my desk as I need the visual on a daily basis. Thank you for the reminder that the sooner I have the conversation, the sooner I move forward. After all, isn't that what re-invention is all about!!

  2. This is clean up day for me. I'm really tired of stopping people at the door.

  3. A visual above the desk is a great idea, Garden Girl! Let me know how that works for you. I'll probably keep mine just in the computer so I can fiddle with it as time goes on.

    Jennifer, good luck with clean up day. I hope it's going better...