Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Holly and the Ivy--Christmas 2010

Okay. Seriously, I am not going to mention any more new book contracts this week.

Once I'm done telling you about this one.

Jeannie Adams will be introduced to you in next month's release, Under the Mistletoe. That's the ebook title, and the novella title for the print anthology Three Decades of Love: A Ladies of Legend Christmas Anthology.

Jeannie, however, is not a main character. She's the best friend of my heroine, Dorothy Robbins.

Well, next year, Jeannie will have her own romance, The Holly and the Ivy, in the 2010 Ladies of Legend Christmas anthology. I hope that when you read Dorothy's story this year, you'll get an idea of the fun character Jeannie is. She deserves her own book, and her own romance. In fact, she deserves handsome Eli McClain, a high school classmate she always competed with.

Cover art will be a while in arriving. Like maybe a year. So this very happy 1970s girl will be our Jeannie for the moment.

And did I mention that the Christmas 1975 love story of Dorothy Robbins and Charles McClain will be available for your reading pleasure in September? As in, NEXT MONTH!?!? Ho-ho-ho! Should have the cover art in near future, and you know I'll post it pronto!



  1. Wow! Lots of book things going on for you right now, Mags! Congrats!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer!

    I feel like I've talked about these two stories before, but I guess I haven't. Or...maybe I was talking to myself at the time? Ooh. Scary.

  3. I think I have a short term memory problem, so it is likely anything I read or hear will be the first time.