Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Sweet Legend

Am I a tease, or what?

I dropped a hint yesterday, and I'll tell ya the scoop today. This past weekend I received a contract for the sequel to Where Her Heart Is. The book's title is Home Sweet Legend, and it's slated for release at Resplendence Publishing in March 2010. Home Sweet Legend is the love story of Greg Andrews and Chloe McClain (Martin's sister).

Both of these characters were introduced in Where Her Heart Is. Greg is the owner of Deluxe Home Improvements, and Chloe is a painter of landscapes of her beloved Smoky Mountains. Both of them are temperamental artists. I love their dialogue--it's as if I can see sparks fly when they get irritated with each other. They are two of my favorite characters!

I won't have cover art for the new book for several months, so thought we'd make do with this for now. We'll pretend Chloe and Greg are standing at the edge of Lake Legend, okay?



  1. I've met Martin. Looking forward to meeting Chloe.

  2. Oh, wait a minute. It's Greg I've met. No. Martin and Chloe definitely shouldn't get together. I think that's illegal in most states, even Alabama. I can say that because I'm from there.

  3. Good point, Jennifer. I'll try to keep that in mind for future stories.

    Martin + Chloe = Illegal. Gotcha.

    Probably my fault anyway, because the guy in this clip art picture looks more like Martin. Greg has blonde hair. I just couldn't find Greg in my clip art collection.

  4. Congratulations! It's great to have something new for your fans to look forward to.

  5. Thank you, Theresa! I appreciate you dropping a note...

  6. Ummmmm....and why didn't I know about this? Seriously, this is super great news! Did you tell me and somehow I spaced out? Seriously, this is great news!!! :)

    Congrats, Magdalena. You rock!

  7. I didn't tell you about this one?!? Sheesh! Legend just keeps growing...

  8. What great news!!!Jonell