Monday, August 10, 2009

A lovely WHHI weekend

Where Her Heart Is certainly had a lovely weekend. I actually saw it hit #233 in all romance on Fictionwise. Wowzers. Now, this might not be much if you're a big-name author, but for me, a very teeny tiny-name author, #233 out of 11,000+ is something to celebrate. So I smiled a lot and ate fried fish. (What? There's a different way to celebrate?)

News flash, Aug. 10, 7:45 a.m.: Just now when I checked, it was at #131. I need to stop watching... I know the big Sales Rank Plummet will happen soon!

Another bit of nice news for Where Her Heart Is arrived this weekend. It will be available in print next year, packaged with its sequel. We talked about the logistics of putting a story of this length into a trade size paperback for release in September, but waiting makes loads more sense paper-wise and fun-wise...

Yep! A Magdalena Scott Anthology! Bring on the fried fish--I'm smiling already. :)


Oh! If you don't already have an e-copy of
The Blank Book, you might be able to win one today at Barbara Vey's blog. Not sure what time she posts the free stuff Monday, so you might need to check later in the morning. And now I think of it, I haven't had confirmation that it's going up today, but Barbara's blog is always a fun read.


  1. I'm on page 54 and enjoying it very much! Congratulations on getting in the top 200. Feels good, doesn't it?

  2. Wow--you're reading it? Cool! Thanks, Jennifer!

  3. I'm wondering though when you've been around a toddler. You've done a fantastic job with LizBeth Ann. I teared up when she "met" her dad.

  4. I teared up at that part, too, Jennifer, every time I read it.

    Actually, until the last set of edits, I had LizBeth Ann way too verbal. The last name in the dedication was my "borrowed" toddler so I could get LizBeth Ann's level of verbal skill where it needed to be. I guess it takes a village for me to write a story!