Saturday, August 1, 2009 style

Hey, it's the weekend! Going to the movies tonight? Or maybe staying in, watching an old favorite?

Here is one of my favorite love stories, Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Audrey is an innocent princess in disguise, hiding from the constant limelight. Gregory is an embittered newspaper reporter badly in need of The Big Story.

Of course they fall in love. It's Rome, for goodness sake. And it's Audrey and Gregory. SIGH.

(Warning: this movie doesn't have the happily-ever-after we romance novelists strive to provide. But the ending is very memorable...)

What's a favorite romantic movie of yours?



  1. I like some of the oldies, Mary. This is a classic.

  2. I also love old movies. Roman Holiday is a good one. Love Affair used to be one of my favorite romance movies. Probably Casablanca is one of my favorites now. It actually is in The Clergy Affair. That's how much I love that movie.

  3. Thank you for your input, Jennifer. Yikes--you keep teasing me with info from THE CLERGY AFFAIR, and I haven't read mine yet!

    Someone on Facebook also mentioned YOU'VE GOT MAIL. I wonder if that will be a classic twenty years from now.

  4. You know that movie (You've got Mail) is over ten years old, right? Actually, if we're talking movies that are not classic classics my all time favorite has got to be Don Juan DeMarco. It's why I love Johnny Depp. Excellent movie. It also has Marlon Brando in it. Sooo wonderful. A lot of depth about retirement and not settling. And did I mention it has Johnny Depp in it?

  5. I love Johnny Depp. Have I told you that?

  6. I obviously need to watch Don Juan DeMarco.

    So, Jennifer, stop holding out, and tell us what you really think about Johnny Depp.


  7. I really, really like him. But only in the "like from afar" kind of way.