Wednesday, August 5, 2009


There is a spiral staircase in the office where I work. At the top is...filing. Fortunately that staircase isn't nearly as long as the one pictured here.

I've always been intrigued by spiral staircases. They seem romantic. Not so terrific for carrying loads of files up and down, but what a lovely setting for a scene in a romance novel.

I like pretty stairways. During my teenage years our family lived in a big old house with a fancy stairway. A long straight descent, then a landing/turn and three more steps into the living room. I imagined getting married there. We'd have just a small gathering of family and friends, and I would be a vision in white, walking down the lovely stairway. Ooh! Aah! But we moved right after I finished high school, to an underground house with no Ooh! Aah! possibilities at all.

While looking for a picture of a spiral staircase, I saw this little bit of clip art that reminds me of the area where Gregory Peck's character lived in Roman Holiday. Love the movie, love the gorgeous settings. This isn't exactly like it, but it reminds me of that beautiful setting in a beautiful love story. Poor Audrey Hepburn. She never had a chance of withstanding the charm of it all!

Does anybody else have a thing about stairways, or is it just me?


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