Thursday, August 20, 2009

You can buy ebooks at Barnes & Noble

Those of you who do not eat, sleep, and breathe the publishing industry may be surprised to learn that Barnes & Noble bought Fictionwise early this year. That's right--a BIG brick-and-mortar bookstore chain purchased a BIG ebook vendor. That had all kinds of good written on it when I first heard about it, but it wasn't until this week that I learned it has an even different kind of good. My books are now available at Barnes & Noble. My ebooks!

When Maddie James discovered this, we were all thrilled. Eventually, it seems, all titles available at Fictionwise will also be on the B&N website. So if you go to and search for my name, all my ebooks should pop up. So far Where Her Heart Is hasn't shown up, so I guess there's a time lag. WHHI has only been at Fictionwise a couple of weeks. (And somehow a couple of books that I didn't write come up when you search for my name. I don't take credit for those.)

I am giving a little talk about writing and publishing next month, and I haven't even started composing it yet. The business changes every single day, and if I had written the presentation when I was first asked to do it, it would be horribly outdated by now.

Isn't it exciting?



  1. Hey Lady, I saw WHHI still up there on the best seller - 133 or 166 - something like that. I went all the way through to 973 for mine. Not near as impressive, but when you're talking 11,000 that's the top 10% as my math prof. and positive spin husband said last night.

    I am so proud of your little book for doing so well. You are way ahead of so many big names - great job!! Do you wonder how the word got out? Or do you know it is your commitment to all the promoting you do? I need to take notes.

  2. Good morning, Jennifer! Yes, our numbers are pretty exciting.

    Why has WHERE HER HEART IS done so well? Online promotion has to be it; I can't imagine there's much word of mouth going on.

    I'm very grateful for the wonderful sales to readers at Fictionwise and Ebookwise (where it got up to #25 in a smaller number of romances).

    So we smile, sigh, and get back to work, right?