Monday, August 31, 2009

Your vote counts!

I am awash in indecision, and need your help! Too many stories floating around--in my head, on the laptop, on Dana, on scraps of paper...

I'd love to know which of novel you'd like to see me finish first and submit for publication. I won't give you a list of everything I've got started, but have whittled it down to the main contenders. (The first four are romance.)

1. Historical inspirational set in pioneer days. The heroine arrives in the little town out West, and learns from her twin brother's best friend that her brother was recently killed in an accident. The twins had planned to run the farm together, and now she must do it alone.

2. Contemporary about a romance writer, the handsome architect who moves in next door, and her matchmaking cat. It involves modern-day castles, and a theme of finding home after a lifetime of searching/pretending.

3. Contemporary. A midwestern woman finds an old letter written to her parents, and discovers the life she could have had in California, and the man she could have had it with. Or maybe it's not too late...

4. Contemporary about three big-city sisters who are mysteriously enlisted to help a declining small town reinvent itself before it's too late. This would be the first in a series.

5. Cozy mystery, modern day setting. A local ne'er-do-well is murdered, and his father is one of the main suspects. An antiques store/tea room owner launches her own unofficial investigation, fearing the circumstantial evidence will be enough to convict her friend. (This would be the first in a series.)

In this case, voting is not your duty, but I would definitely appreciate it!



  1. Hey--thank you so much for Twitter follow!

    And I must say--i wanted to vote on your projects--but they all sound absolutely terrific.

    Pick one, do it. Have fun...and can't wait to hear what happens!

  2. Wow. Hank Phillippi Ryan visited Magdalenaville. I'm stunned.


    Welcome to Magdalenaville, Hank! Thank you for the encouragement. I worked on two of the stories yesterday, but decision making is not my best thing. Maybe part of the Libra personality, always weighing...

    Okay, so that's a vote for "Pick one, do it." Option #6?

  3. 2,4,1 in that order. However, I agree with Hank also. They all sound good. Which two did you work on yesterday? Go with one of those.

  4. Mags, I like #2 and #4, although you have some good ideas with the others. Those two appeal to me as a reader.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Thank you for your votes, Jennifer and Sia! I'm going to tally these in a day or so, in case some late votes come in. Amazing as it seems, some people don't read blogs on a daily basis. I know--go figure. People are out there having real lives.


    I'll stay mum about which two I worked on yesterday, as I don't want to skew the results.

    I have one vote for #3 so far on Facebook.

  6. I am always a fan of pioneer women as Mama used to tell me that I came from tough pioneer stock who rode a wagon across the mountains. Of course, this was always when I was whining about something being too hard. So I vote for 1 and also 4. But pleaseeeee- promise that if you do a series you will write quickly as it nearly kills me to wait on the next book. Basically, I just want to read more of your stories!!!!!!

  7. Thanks, Garden Girl. A vote for #1 and #4. I had thought of including in today's post, "Vote early, vote often," but I didn't even need to, did I?

  8. Just got a vote by email, so lest I forget, I'm posting it here.

    S.S. voted for #1.


  9. Yikes! I'm having a hard time picking too. They all sound good. #2, #4, & #5 catch my fancy, but I'd mark each title on a playing card, then shuffle them, picking the one on top. Whichever you choose, I'm waiting for it!

  10. Welcome to Magdalenaville, Joysann!

    Your playing card idea would be fun. Having lots of fun with this method of me-not-choosing too, though. ;)

    Thank you for your vote(s) and your kind words.

    You're the first one to vote for #5. Interesting...