Thursday, September 24, 2009


I saw the Bag-o-Books last night. Briefly. As I was going to a meeting, I fell into step with the woman to whom I had loaned said books several months ago. She was returning them.

When I got to a chair, I dug into the bag and sighed over the novels. Some are signed. Some were acquired in Dallas a couple of years ago when I attended my first (and only, so far) RWA national conference.

After sighing, I asked the woman sitting next to me if she would like to borrow the Bag-o-Books. I showed her what was in there. She has a job in which she has a lot of free time to read, and she was glad to have more books.

Temporarily, of course. I showed her which were signed, recounted a story about one of the authors, and slid the bag under her chair. This is one nice thing about tree-based reading. It's okay to share with a friend. But it's also something I don't like about tree-based reading, because when that bag comes back I'll either need to find someone else to pass the books onto, or put them on some shelves. I don't have more shelf space. But some of the books are signed (!) so how could I part with them?

And then there's the question of Bag-o-Books II, which is still floating around somewhere...



  1. I think I have several of your books too. I read some now while I have the extra time and get them back to you. jonell

  2. Whenever you're done with them. NO RUSH!