Thursday, September 10, 2009

THE BRIDE'S BABY by Liz Fielding

I recently finished reading this book. It's another of those wonderful Harlequin Romance sigh-inducers. I wondered how it would finally all work out, but--whew--it did! Yay for happy endings.

The Bride's Baby is one of the free downloads Harlequin is offering in celebration of sixty years of publishing. Go here to look at the free books. There's a wide variety.

Here is Liz Fielding's page at the Harlequin website. She has lots of books available there in ebook and print, and of course you can find her books at Fictionwise, Amazon, etc. Click here to go to her website.

Thank you, Liz, for a great read!


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  1. I downloaded it, also. The story is captivating, although the POV is interesting.