Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chat much?

If you're free tonight and want a fun way to learn about romance novels you may not discover elsewhere, join us for the evening's online chat at Romantic Gems. This is the Yahoo group that Resplendence Publishing set up a while ago, for readers and authors to interact. You can go here to join.

And I'll just take a moment here to mention that UNDER THE MISTLETOE RELEASED TODAY at Resplendence!

Here are the details about the chat, from organizer Fran Lee:

There is a special kick-off chat scheduled for Tuesday, September 1, 2009 beginning at 5:00 pm Eastern (6:00 pm Central, 7:00 pm Mountain, and 8:00 pm Pacific)! This is to introduce RP's Promo Blog, and to enjoy a few pre-autumn giveaways and fun!

There will be special door prizes! Everyone who attends the chat will receive a FREE Classic e-book (you can choose from a list) :x You must announce yourself to the chat mom and introduce yourself to the group.

Every 30 minutes I will be doing a contest to win one of RP's NEW RELEASES!

Depending on supply and demand, authors may also be giving away back-list books, keychains, fridge magnets, goodie bags, or other special prizes! So mark your calendars and drop in! The chat will run for three hours, so you are sure to catch some of the contests and prizes even if you are a bit late!

Authors are invited to share excerpts, so that you can whet your appetite for their upcoming releases!

Just FYI--excerpts will be anywhere from sweet (um, mine) to extra spicy. In addition to the contests Fran is doing, some authors are running their own during the chat. I'll be right in the midst of it (laptop permitting), giving away an ebook copy of each of my titles with little contests. Somebody may have to scrape me up off the floor when it's over. Chatting wears me out!

Did I mention that UNDER THE MISTLETOE RELEASED TODAY at Resplendence? Cuz it did. And if you click on the book title here, or the cover in the sidebar, you will be transported to the buy page. There's a link in the middle of the page which will take you to an excerpt you can read.

*Sigh* Just gotta love Release Day.



  1. Wow! A lot going on, Mags! Congratulations on your release!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. It is a busy day. I think I need a nap.


  3. Just learned the chat begins at 8pm Eastern time, not 5pm. Sorry!