Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elizabeth Comes Home

Well, sports fans, the tie-breaking vote was delivered in person yesterday! Yep, wahoo and yeehaw, I will be devoting my energies to the story with the working title of Elizabeth Comes Home.

This was Option #1 in our Book Election.

On the way home from work yesterday I ran into a friend who had intended to vote, but got busy and forgot. She asked very nicely if she could cast the tie breaking vote, and I said HECK YEAH. Like I want to make the decision?!?

Her choice was #1. As you'll recall, nobody knew the titles of these books--I didn't list them. Wanna know the freaky thing? Elizabeth and Joe have always been the characters' names, since I started writing this back in--my notes say 1989. My tie breaker friend's name is Beth, and she is married to Joe. Does that seem strange to anyone but me?

I had forgotten the hero's name til I sat down and began to write this post. Yeah, it's been a long time since I visited these characters in the little town of... Uh...... Hm. Definitely a long time. The paper it's printed on is continuous feed paper, if you remember that stuff. The computer was the first one we ever had, and is long gone. Although the story is saved on disk, I don't have anything that will read the disk.

So last night I started typing it all in! Oh, the cute little dot matrix print, and the multitudes of red ink scribbles where I've made notes to myself. Seriously, how much more fun could I have this week?

Did I mention that Under the Mistletoe is out now in ebook format? ETA for the print anthology is the first week of October.