Friday, September 4, 2009

A Fortran Program for Elastic Scattering Analyses with the Nuclear Optical Model

I have a feed into my Google Reader for new Project Gutenberg releases. This one recently caught my eye:

A Fortran Program for Elastic Scattering Analyses with the Nuclear Optical Model

I'm going to give today's blog post the label of "book recommendation" even though I haven't read this book, and quite honestly probably couldn't read this book...

I'm giving it a recommendation solely based on its amazing title.

The online chat on Romantic Gems the other night went really well, even though my laptop overheated and I had to shut down in the midst of it. We're going to do chats once in a while, so watch for your chance to participate and enter contests. (You do need to become a Gems member to do the chats, but it's free!) Congratulations to Anna Lisa, who won an ebook of Ladies of Legend: Finding Home, and to Marianne, who won an ebook of Under the Mistletoe. Enjoy!

I'm looking forward to not having this head cold/allergy thing so I can get back to Elizabeth's story. Last night I left her alone in a dark pioneer cabin while I slept twelve hours and dreamed of a new laptop.

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Hey Mags,
    Checking in with you. That first book does not look like light reading, does it? Hope you feel better.

  2. Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for checking on me. It doesn't look like light reading to me, either, but then again I'm not sure what it means, so...

  3. New Laptops are important Magdalena! I'm sure Elizabeth will appreciate the new one much more.

    Hope you start feeling better. Dan has come into contact with so much icky stuff working on the Army Post and having all these seminars and graduations. Jake has had his own share of stuff, but so far, no colds for me. Allergies I can deal with, but don't want their ick. lol!

  4. Hey there, Sia. Yay you for dodging the ick so far! I'm in contact with more people now with the part-time job, so I suppose I could have picked up something at work. How exciting to have a three-day weekend to get over it.

    Do you get a reprieve from all the renovation noise this weekend?

  5. Hope you get better real soon, Magdalena!