Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reason #10 you have not read THE BLANK BOOK

Although I have had some really nice reviews for this novel, it hasn't sold well. In order to rub salt into my own wound, I thought we might visit some of the reasons you have not read this book. This will be a series of posts, one per week until either it sells better, or I tire of beating my head against a wall.

Reason #10 - "I don't see it on a shelf at my local bookstore/grocery/megaplex."

Ooh. And this is number ten?

You're right, though. It's very unlikely you'll find The Blank Book that way. Instead, you can get it at Resplendence Publishing, Fictionwise,,, Barnes & (ebook). If you're only into tree-based reading, you can order through Resplendence Publishing or Amazon.

Resplendence Publishing is a small press, and has a responsibly cautious business model. Spending large amounts of money getting our books into big name bookstores is not part of the plan, at least for now. Our books are also POD (print on demand). This means there isn't a warehouse full of Resplendence books waiting to be trucked here or there. When orders are received, the books are printed and shipped. No paper waste. How cool is that? How environmentally sound is that?

Most of the websites mentioned above offer you the opportunity to read the "back cover" blurb and an excerpt. This is close to the experience you would get by picking the book up off a shelf, reading the back, then reading a couple of pages of the beginning. (Open a jar of New Book Smell to get the full effect.)

The paperback is trade-size, very nice quality, and has good size, legible font. The ebook is available in a myriad of formats.

Well then. Number Ten is not insurmountable, right?



  1. And I would just point out that Print on Demand is NOT the same as self-published. Magdalena didn't fork over money to see her words in print (or digital). She contracted with Resplendence, and they thought it good enough to publish it.
    This is a sweet book with a very unique premise.

  2. Thank you for that, Jennifer. I seldom think to bring up the self-publishing issue. I do think people make the assumption that I am self-pubbed, especially when I turn up in an unusual spot with a table of books to sell.

    Lucky me, to have the manuscript accepted by a publisher, which also includes editing and cover art by professionals!

    As an aside, a friend of mine is self-published, and I have a lot of respect for anyone who is confident enough to go that route.

  3. Great idea for a series! I'll definitely have to tune in for more on this subject, as it is near and dear to my heart.


  4. Welcome to Magdalenaville, Lisa! Sorry to hear it's near and dear to your heart too. Bummer, huh? Oh well, we shall persevere...

    ...with the list, and with writing more books!

    Hope your writing is going well!

  5. I'm ordering from Amazon right now!
    Robin Hillyer-Miles

  6. Welcome to Magdalenaville, Robin.

    Wow. You're ordering one? Omigosh, this is so cool! Bless you!