Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank you!

Hey, you out there!

Yes, you! Thanks!

Thank you for picking up my garbage, and for delivering my mail, my FedEx and UPS packages.

Thank you for paving the roads, and for scraping snow and ice off them last winter.

Thank you for making sure the water is safe to drink, the electric lines are up, and the natural gas flows in the pipeline.

Thank you for teaching the children, coaching their sports teams, and trying to keep them safe.

Thank you for fighting fires, locking up the bad guys, and sewing up our wounds.

Thank you for writing--and publishing--the good news, the bad news, and the blessed fiction.

Thank you--whatever your good work is--for sharing your talents with the world.

Happy Labor Day!



  1. Oh, right! Labor Day to celebrate the laborers! And a VERY big thank you to everyone who will be working today to keep us safe and functioning. Big KISS to you - which I recently learned is spelled -MUAH!

  2. So, what? You're going all over the internet saying MUAH!?!

    Hope your labor is going well, Jennifer. Can you see Christmas yet?