Thursday, September 17, 2009


My Blog Topic Well is empty. Golly, what a shocker that is, huh? I hope to refill it and be back to post in the very near future. Trying to keep several balls in the air otherwise, so maybe this is a good time for a Blog Break.

Happy Weekend!


P.S. for those who were interested, yesterday's Shoe Cue was in reference to the fact that I walked two miles Tuesday after a couple of weeks down with allergy symptoms. (Please forgive my inability to find clip art of walking shoes.) ;)


  1. I completely understand. I know about that empty well, and have had an empty one myself.

  2. I'll keep checking in at your blog, Jennifer. Somehow you always manage something interesting.

  3. Yeah, but I blog 2-3 times a week. You're blogging 5 times a week - very ambitious, and more than I think I can do.

  4. I hope your not-posted blog means you are taking a rest. You deserve it. Or, just put an excerpt up of your new release!

  5. Taking a rest from blogging, yes. Everything else is still going on. I must eat festival food this weekend, for instance.