Monday, October 12, 2009

Another hole in my head

I chose to have an additional hole in my head, a la an ear piercing--to celebrate my impending birthday. I got my earlobes done a long time ago. This new one is up high on one ear.

I was surprised that it HURT when she did it. Everyone had told me it would hurt to have the cartilage pierced, and it did! (Yet this surprised me. Go figure.) But it didn't hurt long, and I have hopes of avoiding infection, too. There's a plan, huh?

Why did I pay to have another hole put in my head? I decided I wanted to do something that said, "I may be turning fifty, but I'm not done yet."

Or something like that... Sometimes even I roll my eyes at me. But don't worry. This is just a clip art picture. I do not have an outfit like this. Maybe when I turn sixty, though...




  1. Babe, go get that outfit. Don't wait until you're sixty. Now. Get it now. At sixty, it will be a trip to the tattoo parlor.

  2. I shouldn't wait on the outfit? Hm...

  3. If you lived closer, I would say let's both find us a cool outfit. I've reverted back to frumpy. So easy to do in the cool weather.

  4. I was the Queen of Frumpy at age 39, right before I started taking my health seriously. In those days, the only exercise I got was turning catalog pages looking for clothes that would make me look thinner. ;)

    I bought some non-frumpy jeans yesterday. I would enjoy a sweater-shopping outing, but I think even if we met in the middle we'd both have long drives. Fun idea, though!

  5. How interesting. I think you look fabulous. And, you knew I was 39, right? Is walking your main exercise?

  6. Lemme tell ya, your 39 doesn't look like my 39. Did I mention I was the Queen of Frump? I might show you a picture sometime, but I'm not putting it on the internet.

    Walking is IT for me. I've heard housework is great exercise, but that might be an ugly rumor started by someone who wishes I would vacuum.

  7. Amen, sister!!! Amen! My kid was home today with the flu. But tomorrow I am taking my walk around the park. I've set a goal. It is time to take care of my body.

  8. Congrats!! Life is short and we must be sure we are making the most of it. Personally, I plan on being the wild little old lady that everyone talks about. I want to drive a bright red convertible and drive around the square picking up younger men-say those in their 60s. I have finally stopped worrying about what others think, cause truth be told, they are worrying about what people think of them and haven't given me a thought. Go for a wild outfit!! As long as you feel fabulous in it, it will be fabulous on you!

  9. Go for that walk, Jennifer! Good for you!

    And Garden Girl--what can I say? You've been going for the gusto all your life, and looking great doing it!