Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's nice to see the sun this morning. Reminds me of my favorite flower, which always cheers me up--even when it's just a photo.

Tonight is the booksigning and I still having some getting ready to do. Since the store purchased the books--just one title this time, I won't need to take my "Booksigning on Wheels." Nor will I require my lovely long folding table. I'm going to use a card table with a pretty cloth on it.

Another change from the usual set-up... My understanding is that I'll be near the food. There's something else that cheers me up!



  1. Yep! Whatever snacks they're serving, that's supper for me tonight.


  2. OH YUM. Supper is never as good around here as those snacks were tonight. YUM again! And champagne punch...mmmmm.

  3. Sure did! Ate, chatted, drank, signed, ate...