Monday, October 26, 2009

Eye on the prize

What it would be like to focus on one's writing as intently as the average hawk focuses on catching a field mouse? Some days I can do it, but not consistently. (And boy, it makes my eyes and talons sore.)

I never see a hawk goofing around on the internet when he/she needs to be working.

Just a thought...



  1. Remember the hawk's focus is required for survival. If he looses focus, he could starve. We would all be better off if we treated each day as do or die(so to speak).

  2. >Remember the hawk's focus is required for survival.<

    Exactly! I was hoping someone would mention this. Thanks, GG!

  3. Food is a good motivator. The living in the car trick may be why the second Twilight movie is going to be coming out soon. So, the moral of the story? Live in your car until you can live on your royalty checks. This way, you either die or you hit it big. I guess I don't want it bad enough. I've been reading Steven King's On Writing. I know now why he is so commercially successful. I don't know why his wife stuck with him until he sold Carrie. She must have really loved him.

    Okay. I'm signing off here to go play "Hawk".


  4. Maybe I should go back and re-read ON WRITING. It's been years.

    So you're saying the key to hitting it big is either make yourself miserable, or make everyone else miserable? As long as someone is miserable, progress is being made? I guess the field mouse could identify with that, huh?

  5. LMAO. Only you Mags. lolol!

    The hawk is focused intently on his meal, this is true, but he also spends a lot of time cruising his territory to make sure of his food source. He/she also play in the wind, if you watch them.

    Writers want an income, true? So generating a product is necessary. But if you don't *cruise* now and then, you lose sight of your food source. Just a thought.

    Don't beat yourself up if you do a bit of *cruising* too.

    Just another thought to consider...

  6. Oh, Sia--I love the "cruising" image. Too narrow a focus is a bad thing. Gotcha...


  7. Hey Mags, I guess what I'm saying is if we had to depend on writing as our only income, we would be more motivated to submit and more motivated to write to have something to submit. If knowing our next meal was going to depend on getting a story down - a good, publishable work - then surfing the net would be less tempting.

    I'm blessed that I can cruise, but it also means I'm not producing the stories like I could. Also, thank the Lord, my kids aren't suffering from lack of medicine or food because I can't support them on a writer's salary.

  8. Good point both times, Jennifer. I'm sorry if I was too flippant.