Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Now what?!?

Monday I finished reading The Lost Symbol before I went to work--barely. As in, I went walking, sat down and read until I finished the book, then barely had time to shower, dress, and do something with my face before going to work at noon. Whew!

That book was a wild ride! Yesterday after work I began to wonder what in the world I can read next. I started a new book but am not really into it.

What do you read next when you've just finished something that held you spellbound? I'll gladly entertain suggestions.



  1. I usually read something light. Something that entertains without pulling on too many brain cells and usually opposite from the book I just read.

    I call it cleansing my pallette. Just like you do with eating a really good meal.

    So, I take it, you enjoyed the book?

  2. Light and opposite--just what I need, Sia!

    Yes, I did enjoy the book! I seldom read anything so intense, so it was a good change.


  3. So, I guess I need to add it to my TBR pile, huh?

  4. Not sure, Jennifer. I have yet to speak in person to anyone who has read it. Maybe it's too "out there" for my fellow smalltownians.

  5. Well, I really liked DaVinci and Angels and Demons. Is it too different than those? I know nothing about it except title and author.

  6. I think if you liked DaVinci Code you will like this one, too. I haven't read Angels and Demons yet.