Friday, October 9, 2009

Reason #8 that you have not read THE BLANK BOOK

Are you ready for it? Or do you want to go back and review Reason #10 first, and Reason #9?

All righty then. Here is Reason #8:

"The excerpt sounds as if the book may be written in first person. First person is yucky and hard to read."

Yucky, sayest thou? Oh, but please give First Person a chance. In fact, I had to make myself give First Person a chance... I wrote probably one-third of the book before realizing it needed to be in First Person. So I went back and started over. Writing the story this way puts the reader right into Alice's shoes, so to speak, and basically this story is all about Alice. Robert is just some very nice window dressing.

Here's the excerpt again... read with an open mind. :)


To read the blurb and (scroll down) excerpt, go here. I tried posting it, but Blogger and I aren't getting along.

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  1. I don't know why first person gets such a bad rap. It doesn't ever put me off, unless it's not done well. But The Blank Book is done very well in first person.

  2. You're a good encourager, Jennifer. I don't understand why first person is disliked by some people. Maybe someone will post a comment and let us know.