Monday, October 19, 2009

Style show!

Interested in ereaders? Time has a lovely picture show of some of the options. Go here for the slides, and here for the article.

I love looking at the photos of these beautiful devices, but iPAQ still suits my needs best--based on flexibility, portability, and that all-important cuteness factor.



  1. I sometimes read books on my ASUS. It's not as cool as your toy, but it is multi-talented. I can also play Mr. Potato head.

  2. ASUS is great! Do you like reading on there? I tried to get The Progeny into ereading on his ASUS. No luck so far.

    I can't play Mr. Potato Head on iPAQ, so you are light years ahead of me. (Except I have bifocals and you don't.)

  3. Oh well, in eleven years or so you might have bifocals too. You'll enjoy them even more because of the wait, no doubt.