Monday, October 5, 2009

This writing life

I definitely prefer a productive writing day to a non-productive internet surfing day, but there are times you'd think the opposite is true.

Sunday afternoon I sat myself down, shut off the internet, and wrote. Managed 2,619 words in three hours, which is really good for me. And I finally used a snippet of conversation I'd been saving for months. It's a conversation between Greg Andrews and Chloe McClain.

The reason I had to save it, was because when I heard Greg and Chloe having this conversation (in my head), I was in the middle of writing a different story--Where Her Heart Is. I had a deadline. Greg and Chloe had to wait.

But now I'm working on their story, Home Sweet Legend, which is due to release in March 2010. It was cool to see that scene finally play out.

Greg and Chloe really don't get along. They strike sparks off each other all the time, no matter who's around. It's going to be such fun to get them together...



  1. Morning Magdalena!

    Yay on the word count. That always feels good. Glad to know I'm not the only one that has bits of conversation floating around in my head, lolol!

    This story sounds good, but then most of your stories sound good.

    Happy writing. :-)

  2. Hey, Sia. Yes, it's good to know we've both got other people talking in our heads.


  3. VERY impressive word count. I know about those conversations that happen, and you just HAVE TO find characters to have that conversation.

  4. Thanks, Jennifer.

    I guess it's hard to imagine NOT having scenes play out in our minds.