Friday, October 16, 2009

You think this is BAD news!?! This is GREAT news!

On the morning of my 50th birthday I had an eye exam.

When it was completed, the eye doctor gently asked, "Have you considered the possibility that you might need bifocals?"

She was afraid she would hurt my feelings, and was trying to ease me into this thought process...

What I thought silently to myself at her question was, "Heck yes! I've been telling everybody I will walk out of here with a prescription for bifocals! I said it to the lady at the BMV last week when I finished squinting at the letters in the Special BMV Viewmaster Thingie. I've been hoping and praying for bifocals!"

And I really had been hoping and praying for them. Because if I didn't need bifocals, that meant something was seriously wrong with my eyes. I've been having trouble with them for a while, and was worried.

So I'm thrilled to have a prescription for bifocals! I went to work and high-fived people with the news!

Gonna find some real jazzy frames with fake diamonds in the corners if I can. I'm celebrating the miracle of vision correction!

Happy weekend, everybody!



  1. Yeah, Baby!!! Woo Hoo! You'll look really smart now!

  2. Jennifer... Are you making fun of me?

  3. Whoa... I have the glasses now, and you were right, Jennifer! They DO make me look smart. Smart-alecky, that is.


  4. I am not making fun of you. I can't wait until I need glasses. They are such an awesome prop. I've always wanted them!! I went to grad school with a guy who wore glasses. I could tell what kind of mood he was in by whether he had on his contacts or his glasses. And then there was the public speaker who would peer at us over her glasses. It was quite effective. And may I confess I get all fluttery inside when I see my wise guy wearing his reading glasses (which he obtained earlier this year). He doesn't know it, but I think he's so sexy when he wears them!!!

  5. That is so darn sweet!

    If you really like glasses, you could buy a set of frames and have plain glass (or plastic) put in them. OR there is this really neat thing that costs an extra $200 or so (I didn't go for it) that makes the glasses not glare. I'm thinking it would be the same effect for you--if you wore frames but no lens.

    Nobody has laughed out loud to my face so far. That's a good sign. But the awesome thing is that I can SEE!

  6. It seems vain to me to wear glasses when I don't need them. Do you think so?

  7. If you want to wear glasses, go for it. Who is it going to hurt?

  8. Yeah. It's not like getting an ear pierced or anything. It seems rather junior highish, as at that age, the trend was to wear fake glasses. And for VBS two years ago, I played a character who wore glasses. I borrowed them from a middle school kid. So, maybe I'm reverting back to my early teens. This is disconcerting, as those were difficult years. This time, though, I know I'll have more fun!!!

  9. Whatever you decide, I support you. Thank you for mentioning the ear piercing. It still hurts if I mess with it.