Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monday I had issues with three computers. My new laptop locked up for (this is an estimate) the milliontieth time. Then at work I could not log on. Typing the password exactly as it was given to me, all I got was an obnoxious na-na-na-na-na computer sound. So I went to another computer and things were going fine--until I got tossed out of the program I was using.

Four times.

I forget what happened Tuesday.

Wednesday morning as I did my usual check Gmail, check Yahoomail, put up a blog, Twitter, Facebook, check the weather forecast, all in separate tabs, the new laptop locked up again. There was nothing for it but to shut the thing down. Just like I did Monday (and maybe Tuesday. I forget). Not a good habit to get into.

Thank goodness I finally took the advice of my tech guru. He had said perhaps I should go back to Mozilla Firefox because Google Chrome isn't up to dealing with all my insanity. That isn't quite the way he worded it, but that is the gist. I downloaded Firefox, imported my bookmarks, and so far, so good. As I write this, I intentionally have all those same tabs open.

I have to admit, I'm really proud that I was able to accomplish this small task by myself, instead of just yelling at the new laptop, sending a frazzled email to the tech guru (oh yeah, I couldn't do that; locked up!) and digging out the old laptop to try to write.

Writing is what I was supposed to be doing. But I couldn't even open a Word document... cuz it was locked up...

All is well, for now. And I wrote about 3,000 words on the new laptop yesterday. But I still have my chisel and stone tablet in storage, just in case.



  1. It is frustrating. Just make sure you're backing up everything. I was talking to our IT guy and he was talking about how stable Windows Vista is now that Windows 7 (which is not stable) is out.
    Huh? That makes no freakin' sense.

  2. Backing up is so important, and often I'm remiss on that.

    I'm surprised that I really, really like Vista. I didn't expect to. I guess with all the updates, they have improved it a lot.