Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Books! and, like, ways to read them!

Since I'm too lazy to write anything original, I'll share some links. If you already know all this, please accept my apologies.

Fictionwise is having yet another big sale. They're celebrating Black Friday all week, with 45% rebates on multiformat titles, and 45% micropay rebates on secure titles. There's also a sale on the Ebookwise reader. This device uses older technology and isn't particularly tiny or sleek, but I know people who have the Ebookwise and absolutely love it!

Literary agent Nathan Bransford posted a blog yesterday, The Top Ten Myths about E-Books. I get a kick out of his sense of humor, but he's also a very pragmatic guy.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine said she was considering the Google Droid phone from Verizon, which can read ebooks. I was mortified that I hadn't heard of the Droid. I did run across a very engaging review of it by someone who considers herself non-techy. Go to Dear Author blog to read the review.

When my iPAQ gives up--no signs of that yet, thank goodness!--I'll likely go to a phone that can read books and keep my calendar, etc. I love the idea of all that capability in one cute little package.

And for those of you who think Brave New World when talk turns to e-reading, here is a link to my favorite big, wonderful bookstore in Louisville, Kentucky--Borders on Shelbyville Road. I started going there when it was an independent called Hawley-Cooke, and when the Hawleys and Cookes sold out, I transferred my loyalty to Borders for keeping the store going. I told a friend at work about the store last Friday; she tried it this weekend and fell in love with the place. If you've read The Blank Book, this is the store I had in mind when Alice went book-shopping and saw the movie poster on her way out. The photo doesn't do justice to the store, which is beautiful, and on three levels. (There isn't a coffee shop. I made that up for Alice.)

Well... I feel as if I wrote a blog, even though all I did was give you some links. Happy reading!



  1. Yep. And it wasn't just a link here and there either. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, my friend. I can always count on you to let me know where the good sales are.