Friday, November 13, 2009

Magdalena is on a BookTour. Kinda.

I have really been a slacker on my internet promotion stuff recently, but I did finally remember to add a booksigning to my BookTour page.

If you're not familiar with BookTour, it's a nifty tool for both readers and writers. You can search for a favorite author, and see if there is a signing in your area. You can sign up for email updates within a certain distance, and get email notice of authors who are coming to your area.

I put a BookTour widget on my website Appearances page, and the Appearances button here at the blog goes to the website, so I only have to put the date once at BookTour, and it goes everywhere.

As long as, you know, I remember to do it once.


Happy Weekend!



  1. I thought the mirror scene was one of the most sensuous I've read. And with them fully clothed. Very classy. Great job.

  2. Really?!? (FYI for anyone who doesn't know, the mirror scene is in MIDNIGHT IN LEGEND, TN, my novella in LADIES OF LEGEND: FINDING HOME.)

    Really? One of the most sensuous? Wow.

    As for your first comment, Jennifer, I first thought you called me a know-it-all. Um...might come across that way, but I think we all realize I basically wander semi-aimlessly through everything I do. Occasionally it works out well. of the most sensuous? Cool...

  3. I posted the second comment so you wouldn't think the first one wasn't a jab. You are just so well informed! Yep. I did love the mirror scene. Great, great little story.

  4. Wait a minute. I think there was a double negative in my previous comment. Let me just say I meant everything I wrote with sincerity and in the best possible admiring way.

  5. Huh. There WAS a double negative, wasn't there? But all is well, and you have my sincere appreciation for leaving five comments on one blog post. I challenge anyone to top this!