Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Publisher's Weekly - wahoo!

Three Decades of Love, this year's Legend Christmas anthology, is in the book blurbs on Barbara Vey's Publisher's Weekly blog! Wahoo!

A million thanks to Joyce Ann (honorary citizen of Legend, though I still owe her a key to the city...). Joyce Ann reviewed the stories. And of course all of Romanceland loves Barbara, who is a big proponent for the genre in the publishing world (and the regular world, too).

The print anthology will be available soon (be still my heart!), and as I've probably mentioned a quadrillion times, the novellas are sold separately as ebooks. The Christmas Heart, A Groovy Christmas, and Under the Mistletoe are ready and waiting to get you into the holiday spirit.

(Have you never noticed that when I'm excited, I use more parentheses?)




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