Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sigh of relief

There are no bookstores in my small town. A few stores sell books, and there is a Bible bookstore/gift shop, but, as is becoming more the case across the nation, we don't have an independent we're-here-just-to-sell-brand-new-books kind of shop. I know people who have considered it at times, and I imagine they're glad now that they didn't make the investment. Many independents are having a grim time of it, as are chains.

I was holding my breath this morning when I saw a link at the RWA-WF chapter website about Waldenbooks closing approximately 200 stores. Waldenbooks, about thirty miles away, is the nearest actual brick and mortar bookstore to me, a little shop tucked into an old shopping mall. Somehow through the years the mall has remained viable, and evidently so has the bookstore, because it isn't among those listed in the PR Newswire article. So I breathed a sigh of relief, and plan to buy something there next time I'm in the area, in celebration.

Last year I mostly gave books for Christmas, and this year looks like more of the same. Maybe books and bookstore gift cards. Hm...