Monday, November 16, 2009

Swirl. But the good kind.

Saturday I received some lovely feedback from the first Legend anthology, Finding Home. (Thank you, Jennifer!) You can read her nice comment on Friday's blog post.

I spent much of Saturday reading and editing my current story, and Sunday I started moving forward again. (I didn't want it to be another holiday story, which is where it was accidentally going. Oopsie.) LizBeth Ann is a minor character in this story, and it's such fun to write LizBeth Ann dialogue again. What a cutie pie!

(In the back of my mind, I'm mulling over the next project, which I think will be more romantic women's fiction instead of straight romance. But that's the back of my mind, a place known more for its cobwebs and confusion than for anything else. Still, mulling is enjoyable, and surely burns a calorie or two, so why not?)

Also on Sunday I learned that books have been ordered for a December 5 signing of Three Decades of Love. The signing will be held at Salem Apothecary, on the town square in Salem, Indiana. This is the afternoon of a community event called Christmas Around the Square, and it should be a busy and festive time. Another fun thing about the December 5 signing is that Jan Scarbrough plans to be there signing the anthology with me!

I attended a great concert with friends Friday evening, talked to The Progeny on the phone Sunday (OMIGOSH, that's what his voice sounds like! I'd nearly forgotten!) and did other non-writerly stuff like adding to the Goodwill donations bag and throwing a few things away. All in all, a terrific weekend.

Now if we can just carry over that feeling into the work week... What do you think the chances are?



  1. I've been out of the loop lately, but it sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. The work week is good so far, too. Happy Tuesday, Jennifer!