Friday, November 6, 2009

We lost one

I'm very blessed to have grown up with a wonderful extended family. (This isn't them. This is clip art.)

Yesterday one of my uncles passed away, and tonight and tomorrow we'll gather to honor him.

I am such a product of my environment, a small community where we generally do visitation at the funeral home one night, and gather again for the funeral the following day.

My uncle's sweet widow will be swept up in hugs and stories tonight, and her fridge and kitchen counters will groan under the weight of the food brought in by friends and church members. Funeral day will be wrenching, we'll hear a sermon as well as a eulogy, and most likely the church will serve a meal to the extended family afterward.

I'm such a product of my environment, where for the most part, people live to old age, families have annual reunions, and when you're sad, everybody cares. I guess it's pretty obvious why I write the kinds of stories I do.


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