Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What motivates you?

I'm not just talking to writers, but to everyone.

What motivates you in your career? What is the reason that you get up and do your job on Tuesday when you just had a horrible day on Monday?

I once had a co-worker who would answer that with, "I love my house."

She was single and had no one else to rely on to make the mortgage payments, but she was--is--also a very talented and energetic woman. She could have gone out and gotten another job pretty easily. (Note: this was years ago and the job market was quite different.) So, why did she stay in a job she said she disliked? I don't think it was money, though I think she believed it was.

Stream of consciousness, I'm going to throw out some possibilities for what motivates you. Grab onto one or more, or discard the lot and add to the list.

1. Money
2. Fear
3. Love what I do
4. This is my calling
5. Love my co-workers
6. Short commute/great working conditions
7. Self esteem
8. Respect/adoration from others
9. Never thought of changing
10. Work hours accommodate my personal life
11. Family business/no choice
12. It gets me out of the house
13. My work makes a difference
14. If I don't do it, nobody will

Can you tell I'm in one of my analytical moods?



  1. #4 definitely. Sometimes #3. There are times, however, when what gets me out of bed is my writing. I used to do my job work, and as a reward to myself, I would write my stories. That's how The Jinx happened.

  2. 3&4 --I've been writing since I was a child and this is what I love to do more that anything else I've tried. I don't think it's so much motivation now as it is a lifestyle. Been at it so long, quitting is not an option. What on earth would I do with myself to keep my mind engaged if I didn't write?

  3. Thanks for your input, ladies!

    I'd say that, for me, writing is 3 and 4. I aspire for it to also be 13, because I've read other authors' stories that made me feel so good when I needed it.

  4. Definity 3 and 4. I often forget I get paid for what I do until the bills are due. I am so blessed to have spent my life doing what I love. Jonell

  5. Thanks, Jonell. I thought of you when I was making the list. :)